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Optima 500g

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Clear and Clean Water = Healthy Fishes

Conditions the water for the best possible environment for your fish!

“Great for fish keepers. It really clear water from nitrates, dirt and algae”

“Tinamaan ng ammonia spikes yung tank ko eto lang yung nagpa stable ulit. Bumalik na gana ng isda ko sa pagkain”

Reviews from Optima users.

  • Imagine having a clearer & cleaner tank as Optima seeds any bio-filtration with a thriving nitrifying bacteria colony
  • Improves your fish’s health with Calcium Montmorillonite (bentonite) Clay, packed with upwards of 60 bio-available minerals and trace elements, plus anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite properties
  • Inhibits algae growth and eliminates pond/tank odor by balancing the water parameters of your tank
  • No overdose! Safe for animals, plants, and other marine life.
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater

Optima helps to make your tank’s water parameters to be balanced for the best possible environment for your fish!

It regulates Ammonia, Nitrites, Phosphates, Hydrogen sulfides and other unhealthy gases inside your fish tank.

What is Nitrifying Bacteria?

Nitrifying bacteria provide a natural biological aquarium filtration and are responsible for breaking down organic waste within the fish tank

Used by owners with:

Oranda, ranchu, ryukin, betta, guppies, turtles, koi, and more

How to use:

  • Recommended Dosage: 1 scoop = 2 grams
  • 2 grams of Optima per 265 gallons of water.
  • Use every after water change.
  • Do not use UV Filter for 48 hours
  • Wait up to 48 hours to fully take effect
  • Best used on tanks with filtration setup
  • For best results, keep your tank/pond well aerated.

Storage: 4 years expiration. Store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid sunlight exposure.