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Hailea Vortex Blower 800g

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About this item

  • Power :- 800 W
  • Voltage :- 110-120/220-240V
  • Weight :- 7.4kg

Hailea VB-800G Vortex Blower Powerful Air Pump 1000 L/min

Technical Specification

  • Output :- 1000L/min
  • Power :- 800 W
  • Pressure :- >0.007Mpa
  • Weight :- 7.4kg
  • Voltage :- 110-120/220-240V
  • Other
  • The product possess advanced air-compressing system, with sectional changes in circular air paths, which is smooth for air flow and low in noise.
  • Adopt special super quality motor that is short in starting torque,stable in operation and low in power consumption but excellent in performance.
  • Non-oil lubricating design to produce more purified air.